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L-arginine is a built of many amino acids that help the body make proteins, and get-rid of body ammonia. Recent Studies have shown, l-arginine helps stimulating the release of insulin and make nitric-oxide to relax the blood  vessels. In addition of many benefits these amino-acids help with certain health issues mentioned below, but in some cases may have harmful effects on the body if over dosed. l-arginine is found in “plants and animal proteins”.

l arginine health benefits for women

According to research, the use of L-arginine has great impact for specific conditions in women’s health, such as:

  • High blood pressure during pregnancy. Woman taking L-arginine has lower chances of experiencing high blood pressure during pregnancy.
  • Libido booster: Taking these amino acids improve sexual function in both men and women.
  • It helps decreasing chest pain and improve the quality of life of those who might suffer from angina.
  • It lowers the blood pressure in people with hypertension

These amino acids are recommended by doctor for “pregnant women under certain circumstances. It is prescribed and monitored by a healthcare professional for preeclampsia case or the risk of it. In some evidence L-arginine supplement  may improve pregnancy outcomes, as well as fetal and maternal health in women from both high-and low-resource areas”.

l arginine health benefits and side effects

It is usually considered safe to take l arginine and effective to lower your blood pressure, helping angina, blood sugar regulation, better athletic performance, treating erectile dysfunction caused by physical causes, but consulting your doctor is the right choice before taking any supplements. However, there could be some side effects associated with taking L-arginine orally. Some people might experience abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, bloating, gout, headache and airway inflammation.
L-arginine is not recommended for people who have had a recent heart issues or allergies and asthma because supplements might increase the risk of these symptoms to worsen or cause death. Also, it is not recommended to take these amino acids in case of “cold sores or genital herpes for these amino acids might trigger the virus that causes those conditions”.

How much l arginine dose is recommended for specific health reasons?

The dosage for l arginine health benefits vary depending on what is being used for. For example, some studies show that people who use it to regulate blood pressure use the “dose of 6-30 mg per day for 2-24 weeks, erectile dysfunction 1.5-5 gm daily, treating preeclampsia 3-4 gm for 12 weeks, like other amino acids, it is recommended to take l arginine between meals for maximum absorption”.
According to medical studies, “L-arginine is considered safe even when overdosed. However, it is very risky to give it children without medical consultation and healthcare provider monitoring.

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