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As a first timer at the gym, it can be very intimidating. Many insecurities can rise from criticizing your body shape, having health issues, low energy, short in time, and most important believing in yourself.

First timer women find gym overwhelming with too much masculine energy that dominates the environment. In many cases, they lack confidence and fitness knowledge in how to preform and use the equipment. They start with high commitment, then shortly after, they lose the motivation to continue.

You shouldn’t feel this way at all. Now days there is free knowledge available online that you can benefit from before starting your fitness plan. In addition, you can have the equipment at your home, diet plans and more to reach your fitness goal.

In this article we will focus on some of the how to get fit at the gym tips for first starters.

How to get fit at the gym as a beginner?

Each new start in our life can be a bit intimidating. Nevertheless, gym isn’t any different, the new start is for our good self and wellbeing, and we must remind ourselves about that all the time.

Taking the first step to decide to work on your body to reach certain goal, is a great decision that will lead you to clear, beautiful mind down the road. Here are few tips that might help you to get rid of your intimidation when you start.

  • Remind yourself that you’re going to the gym for you to take care of you.
  • Focus on yourself and not the people around you. You might think everyone is looking at you, but each person in there is thinking the same. After spending some time, you will realize that the spotlight effect has diminished.
  • Use your headphones are create nice playlist to listen to, you’ll enjoy your time more.
  • You are a beginner, remember that everyone in there was a beginner at one point.

What exercises do you recommend for women who want to get fit at the gym?

For those who have never exercised or been to the gym, I would recommend starting with treadmill to either walk or steps. This will start buildup your cardio increases your energy and strengthen some of your big muscles.

You can start treadmill for 10-15 mins. Most of the gyms now days offer some free time to show you around and how to use some equipment. Use this knowledge in your advantage. If you don’t know how to use one of the machines, you can ask a trained professional there and they will assist you.

Cardio can be tiring at first because your heart rate will increase more than normal. Your body is not accustomed to that so your body will get tired even faster.

Try not to take it hard on yourself the first couple weeks. Relax and observe people’s performance, body forms and how they’re using the equipment.

How many days I should workout to get fit at the gym?

We all start hitting the gym for different reasons, age and health wellness matter when it comes to time spend at the gym so as the exercises performed.

For healthy first timers, I suggest taking it slow the first couple of weeks or even the first month. Four days are good to prepare your body for serious body workout routine or habit downwards. After adopting the habit of going to the gym and increasing your knowledge in how to preform, you can add one more day to your weekly routine.

Pick the time that suits you to go to the gym. Whether it’s in the morning or at night, doesn’t matter. If you are a busy person, its critical to stick to your fitness goals but you must commit time to reach these goals.

Some of the easy beginner workout routine to get fit at the gym.

Cardio workout

Strength training

Free weight training

Stretch exercises





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