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Best collagen supplements for women comes from diet rich in good fats and collagen intakes in various forms such as powder, liquid or caramel. To include collagen with your diet on daily bases, is essential to promote your better health in general. Collagen supports the health of your joint, maintaining youthful looking skin, promote gut healthy, helps balancing weight, reduces anxiety, improve mood and helps promoting the growth of hair and nails.

Collagen is mainly found in our” blood, bones, and muscles”. According to studies, “as we age the body slows-down in producing collagen until it stops producing it around late 20s”.

“After 20s our body starts breaking down the existing collagen which leads into the appearance of wrinkles, cellulite, and sagging skin. And in some cases, joint pain, and osteoporosis”.

Many people try to increase the levels of collagen in their body when they hit certain age. They start consuming certain diet such as dairies, chicken, and fish, or by taking collagen supplements.

What are the benefits of taking collagen on daily bases?

The fact collagen makes-up most the important parts of our body including bones, blood, and skin, it is benefits can support our health as follow:

  • It hydrates the skin and maintain its elasticity
  • It promotes our muscle health
  • It relieves osteoarthritis pain
  • It lowers our blood pressure
  • It lowers blood sugar levels

This essential protein that contains most essential amino acids, plays an important role in strengthening the bones, skin, and guts. As we age, we lose bone density which causes our bones to break easily and take longer to heal in times of injuries.

According to studies, taking collagen supplements improve bone density through the process of slowing the age signs that makes the bone brittle by helping the body producing new bone.

In addition, the benefits of taking collagen supplements helps hydrating the skin and maintaining its elasticity. Studies has shown “that taking collagen supplements for certain period of time can improve skin elasticity and reduce signs of aging.”

What is type 1 collagen?

There are one, two and three types of collagens “they all function differently inside our body. Understanding their differences, along with where you could get them, will go a long way toward helping you achieve your skin and health goals.”

Type 1 collagen is the most dominant in the body. “It’s responsible to providing structure to skin, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues. It enrichens the skin’s elasticity and plays the role of a “scaffolding structure”, which keeps the skin resilient, plump, and bouncy in general. Research supports the sentiment of taking hydrolyzed type 1 collagen on regular bases will promote a smoother, firmer-looking, and more-hydrated complexion to the skin even after the age of 60.”

What is type 2 collagen?

Type 2 collagen is less commonly found in the body. “it’s more essential for body health and it occurs in the cartilage of ribs, nose, larynx, the cushions end of the bones (joints) and trachea.

Studies have found that individuals who took type 2 collagen supplement for 180 days noticed improvements in general physical function, along with joint pain and stiffness. This finding helped alleviate joint stiffness in people with osteoarthritis.”

What is type 3 collagen?

Type 3 collagen works alongside with type 1 collagen. “It can be found in skin, ligaments, blood vessels, and joints. It promotes skin health and elasticity. That said, it’s worth noting that studies hint at type 3 collage’s ability to exert additional benefits on the skin beyond what’s typically seen with type 1 collagen supplements.

It’s found that type 3 collagen content decreases more drastically than type 1 collagen. This thus suggests that type 3 collagen might be more of a “contributing factor” to skin aging and all the visible symptoms that come along with it – including hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging.”

Why collagen supplements are recommended for women?

“Collagen makes up 30% of all the protein in the body, 75% of this protein is in the skin. Studies have proved that our body produces collagen until early adulthood then it stops producing it. Therefore, the best age to start taking collagen is mid 20s when the amount of the collagen starts declining in the body.”

That said, “women start losing significant amount of collagen during the first five years of menopause, heading towards 50s collagen diminishes very significantly, and visible aging accelerates. Therefore, it’s recommended to take best collagen supplement for women after age of 50.”

“The surest way to help your body produce collagen is by feeding it enough protein and other nutrients. It can be as easy as drinking one cup a day of bone broth or another beverage mixed with hydrolyzed collagen powder. Dr. Bradley is the Medical Director of the Center for Functional Medicine at Cleveland Clinic”.

Foods that contain collagen

Consuming food rich in collagen can help maintaining its production, according to Brook Scheller, a certified nutrition specialist. “Eating collagen may help to boost collagen in the body and is also a good source of extra protein.”  She continues, especially that contain only collagen peptides. She out lined a list of food you can include into your diet such as.

Bone broth, “this is made by cooking chicken, beef, or other animal bones to extract the collagen and minerals. It’s a time-consuming process, though, and many companies have created high-quality bone broth products that you can purchase in stores or online.”

  • Eggs, specifically the white which contain glycine and proline, the main amino acids that makeup collagen. But don’t pass on the yolks! Scheller says, they are filled with vitamin D and healthy fats that help maintain the health of skin, bons, and muscles.
  • Citrus, and tomatoes, fresh citrus and tomatoes are the best source to get collagen boost naturally, Sheller says citrus and tomatoes have high levels of vitamin C that assist collagen production.
  • Broccoli and leafy greens, also vitamin C is presented in high levels in broccoli and leafy green.
  • Avocado, they are full of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids that help your skin glow all year around. “According to studies, omega-3s do indeed boost collagen production.”
  • Nuts, Sheller says, mineral like zinc are important for proper collagen production and it can be found in nuts in addition to the rich protein that nuts contain.
  •  What are the collagen benefits for women?

How does collagen effect women’s aging process?

When we acknowledge the effect of collagen on women’s aging process, we associate this protein with “fountain of youth”. Best collagen supplements for women can go beyond promoting beautiful hair, skin, and nails as we stated. Also, the amino acids collagen contains provides more benefits to women’s body than men because of hormones and the density of women’s bones.

“As hormonal changes occur with aging, collagen starts playing an important role, some women notice a dramatic drop (about 30%) in collagen production during that time, so they might be more interested in taking collagen to support their natural levels.

The best collagen supplements for women have the potential to improve the health of women beyond their appearance. Collagen benefits women in supporting muscle growth, help with weight loss and maintaining weight balance, helps lowering estrogen production, provides pre-menopause bone support, and improve gut health.”

Best collagen supplements recommended for women

Best collagen supplements for women are collagen that contain amino acids (collagen peptide). Collagen supplements are hard to be digested, so they should be broken-down into small peptides which is called Hydrolyzed collagen. You can get collagen naturally from consuming certain diet; however, this doesn’t apply to everyone. Therefore, collagen comes in different forms of supplements.

Collagen intake can be very beneficial for our health in general, given the answers to the questions this article contains. Frankly, best collagen supplements for women and men can come in form of powder, capsules, liquid, or caramel.

The new formula of caramel is a new finding, it helps avoiding the cardboard taste like of other collagen formulas due to the process of purification the collagen content go through.

Based on experiences we recommend, best collagen supplements for women, Everbella caramel supplement. Everbella, can be easily mixed with your coffee or food in the morning for additional sweetness or just eat one spoon like honey and you should be good to go.

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