Benefits of iron in the body – growth and development

Iron is one the most vital component of the cell structure in human blood. Therefore, this mineral offers many benefits to human health such as eliminating fatigue, immune system functionality, increasing hemoglobin, treating anemia, and much more.

Managing iron levels is beneficial to the body function, it’s only in rare cases one can overdoes iron which the body will save for future use. In other cases, overload of iron can cause a buildup in some organs like liver and aggravates the reaction of free radicals that leads to the damage of cells and tissues.

What is the role of Iron in the body?

A certain level of iron is needed to produce healthy red blood cells. As we mentioned earlier the overdoes of iron gets stored by our body if we need it in times of deficiency to make blood cells. The deficiency of iron results in fewer red blood cells to carry oxygen and remove carbon dioxide throughout our body, it’s known as anemia. Anemia is the reason doctors suggest iron supplements.

– Iron benefits for women.

It’s essential for women to retain their iron levels. According to the National Heart, lung, and Blood Institute, one in five women of childbearing age has iron-deficiency, anemia. Moreover, majority of pregnant women don’t get enough iron that they need to prevent deficiency, when a pregnant woman needs twice as much iron than the woman who isn’t. Therefore, doctors recommend pregnant women to start taking gradual doses of iron supplement at the first couple months of pregnancy.

What are the benefits of iron in the body?

  • It treats anemia, it results when the hemoglobin level is below normal range.
  • Increases Hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cell that is responsible to transport oxygen in the blood.
  • Reduces fatigue, low iron is the cause of low energy level in both men and women.
  • Improves muscle strength, normalizing the levels of iron in the body assist in providing the necessary oxygen the muscle needs for contraction and endurance.
  • Immunity Booster, iron is essential in strengthening the immune system, which is important factor for the body in fighting diseases and infections.
  • Improves focus, keeping iron levels balanced in the body will improve concentration and focus according to studies.
  • Lessens bruising, low iron causes the person to bruise easily, because hemoglobin effect on the production on the red blood cells.
  • Sleep better, research found an important connection between sleep disorder and iron deficiency

What are best iron supplement women can get to balance the iron levels?  

As a healthy dieter and an active person, I do repeat in all my articles that eating healthy diet is the best supplement anyone can get. However, I’m very aware of our busy life schedule and responsibilities. In various occasions we can’t track certain diet or ensure that our body is getting all the necessity vitamins, minerals and proteins body requires to have healthy lifestyle.

I encourage consulting your doctor before taking any iron supplement to prevent the overload dosage that result of blood cells and body tissue damages.

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