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L-Arginine is an amino acid that can be found in plant and animal proteins. It plays an important role in the synthesis of protein and it is essential to ensure your body has a good supply of the amino acid to achieve the gains you deserve. L-Arginine also helps prevents fat storage within the body and aids the production of nitric oxide.
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    BCAA Amino Hydrate Core Benefits Supports Recovery Supports Muscle Growth Replenishes Electrolytes 450g - 32 Servings

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    KEY BENEFITS Latest Lab process ensures rapid dispersion and solubility in water Smooth mixing without any foaming A key Branched Chain Amino Acid Ideal for use Pre-Intra-Post Workout Contributes to the growth in muscle mass Contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass TESTED FOR ATHLETES

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    Core Benefits Boosting Exercise Intensity & Longevity No Crash Maximises Focus & Performance Unparalleled Strength Increase Xplosive Muscle Pump Increase ATP Production Amino Pump Technology Ignite your Workout & Mind 

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    Weider Arginine Xplode is a drink powder with a high L-Arginine content to increase muscle pump and vascularity. Arginine X-Plode expands blood vessels, which supply muscle tissue with nutrients, increasing blood flow through the muscles and considerably boosting muscle contraction during workouts.

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