Month: December 2021

l arginine health benefits – Balanced Hormones

L-arginine is a built of many amino acids that help the body make proteins, and get-rid of body ammonia. Recent Studies have shown, l-arginine helps stimulating the release of insulin and make nitric-oxide to relax the blood  vessels. In addition of many benefits these amino-acids help with certain health issues mentioned below, but in some […]

Magnesium for women’s health – Healthy Skelton

This mineral provides our body with many benefits from boots mood to building stronger bones, prevent heart diseases, improving cardiovascular function and tissue health. It is very important to maintain magnesium levels in the body, “its deficiency is linked to heart diseases, hypertension, respiratory disorders, gastrointestinal issues and depression”. According to health expert Christiane Northrup, […]

Omega 3 Fish Oil Benefit – Healthy Body Functioning

Omega-3 are polyunsaturated fatty acids that are essential to our health. This group of fatty acids plays an important role in many body functions and benefits. “The human body itself can not produce these essential fats; it will need to obtain these nutrients form diet”. Seafood can be really good source of food for omega […]

Prebiotics and probiotics for weight loss

Research shows, prebiotics combined with probiotics “is a comprehensive weight loss strategy”.  Studies consider these fatty acids, a secret weapon for wight loss. However, using them gets less attention due to the lack of knowledge about their importance to the body. They are non-digestible fibers that produce short chain fatty acids in the large intestine […]

What is coenzyme q10 for – Energy booster

Coenzyme Q10 is like a vitamin produced by our body for the cells to generate energy, our body needs use it cell functioning. It is naturally found in small amount in many foods like meat product such as heart, liver, kidney and beef, also soy milk, sardines, mackerel and peanuts. It helps in various body […]

Vitamin B12 benefits for women

Vitamin B12 is one the most important our body needs to make red blood cells. Therefore, it is recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women to keep this nutrient balanced. Deficiency of this vitamin lead to anemia which leads to fatigue, memory loss and nerve damage. We can balance this vitamin intake through certain diet such […]

Vitamin C benefits women – skin and immune system

Vitamin C is the most known vitamin among everyone for its importance in boosting our immune system, growth and development and healthy youthful skin. According to research, vitamin C is antioxidant nutrient, found in variety of foods such as green pepper, citrus fruits, kiwi, tomatoes, brussels sprouts and broccoli. It is essential for us to […]

Vitamin A for skin – For youthful looking skin

Many foods naturally contain this fat-soluble vitamin. It is an important vitamin for vision, skin, immune system, and reproduction. Vitamin A also, helps preventing the risk of diseases in heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs. According to nutrient research, there are two type of vitamin A. One found in fish, poultry, meat, and dairy products. […]

Lutein benefits and side effects – Healthy vision

When we hear of carotenoid, it’s usually referred to lutein. It is the type of vitamin that is related to vitamin A and beta-carotene. Identified in certain fruits and vegetables, such as in those with deep orange and yellow coloring like oranges and carets. Lutein is a form of xanthophy11, often used to treat and […]

Vitamin D benefits women of all ages – Bones and Muscles

Vitamin D has big influence on skeletal system and muscle mass. Many research has shown that vitamin D plays a vital role in calcium absorption, treatment of certain cancers, autoimmune disease, heart disease and infections. Therefore, the deficiency of vitamin D can affect both men and women. As people age, they need more vitamin D […]